Muscle Physiology Lecture Series

SFSU Library

Each semester we invite expert researchers and clinicians from around the world to share their knowledge with the SF State community. Topics of discussion include: muscle science, human performance, strength & conditioning, and novel therapeutic interventions. One hour lectures are followed by an open forum Q&A session with the guest speaker. Contact Dr. Jimmy Bagley for more information.

Future Speakers



Past Lectures

George Brooks, PhD – University of California, Berkeley. The Tortuous Path of Lactate Shuttle Discovery, Fall 2017.

Video coming soon…

Irene Tobias, PhD & Andy Galpin, PhD – California State University, Fullerton. Boundaries of Human Performance, Spring 2017.

Ricardo Lima, PhD – Palo Alto VA  / Stanford University. Sarcopenia: Concepts, Consequences, and Effects of Resistance Training, Fall 2016.

Kevin Murach, PhD – Center for Muscle Biology, University of KentuckyMuscle Hypertrophy & Concurrent Exercise Training, Spring 2016.

Andy Galpin, PhD – Center for Sport Performance, California State University, Fullerton. Studying Elite Athletes: Genotype to Phenotype Physiology, Fall 2015.