Muscle Physiology Lecture Series

SFSU Library

Each semester we invite expert researchers and clinicians from across the country to share their knowledge with the SFSU community. Topics of discussion include: muscle science, human performance, strength & conditioning, and novel therapeutic interventions. One hour lectures are followed by an open forum Q&A session with the guest speaker. Contact Dr. Jimmy Bagley for more information.

Future Speakers


Past Speakers

Ricardo Lima, PhD – Palo Alto VA Medical Center / Stanford University. Sarcopenia: Concepts, Consequences, and Effects of Resistance Training, Fall 2016.

Kevin Murach, PhD – Center for Muscle Biology, University of KentuckyMuscle Hypertrophy & Concurrent Exercise Training, Spring 2016.

Andy Galpin, PhD – Center for Sport Performance, California State University, Fullerton. Studying Elite Athletes: Genotype to Phenotype Physiology, Fall 2015.