Muscle Physiology Lab

The Muscle Physiology Laboratory (MPL) studies skeletal muscle structure, function, and plasticity in response to acute and chronic exercise. We aim to improve human performance through research in various populations (from athletes to individuals with chronic disease).

Our Facilities

Muscle Cell Imaging & Analysis Lab (Gym 139)

Equipment: Olympus IX-53 inverted microscope w/LED Fluorescence, 2x dissecting microscopes, data analysis workstation.

Tissue Preparation Station & Biochemistry Lab (Gym 111)

Equipment: 2x dissecting microscopes, pH meter, 2x weigh-stations, 2x micro-centrifuges, 4x stir plates, micro-pipettes, freezer/fridge, cryogenic storage dewar, chemical & lab supply storage.

Affiliate Labs

Cell & Molecular Imaging Center (HH 138)

Exercise Physiology Laboratory (Gym 111)

Strength & Conditioning Laboratory (Gym 148)