Lab Group

2017-18 Graduate Student Researchers (Thesis Topics)

Donny Gregg, BS (Muscle Fiber Type in Elderly Hemodialysis Patients)

Casey Curl, BS (Energy Expenditure during Active Virtual Reality Gaming)

Ryan Durk, BS (Cardiovascular Health and the Human Gut Microbiota)

Steven Machek, BS (Muscle Fiber Type of an Elite Powerlifter)

Andrew Kubiak, BS (Blood Flow Restriction Training and Muscle Fatigue)

Previous Students (Current Positions)

Kaylie Zapanta, MS (Doctoral Student, University of Southern California)

Kelly Hood, MS (Medical Student, Western University of Health Sciences)

Brittany Steers, MS (Program Manager, EXOS, San Francisco Bay Area)

Elizabeth Yuen, BS (Research Assistant at VA Palo Alto/Stanford University)

Principal Investigator

Jimmy Bagley, PhD